Studio Identity Design UiUx, Type, Image
7Drum Studio, Washington DC


Design Theme Visual Percussion, Codes & Graphical Aural Systems

Layout Rhythm
Everything for this identity was about harnessing the feeling of rhythm and kinetics. The vertical layout for some of the UI was designed to play down the page, hopping and sometimes frantic.

Morse Code Type, Secret Languages & Visual Sound
I developed the custom type out of morse code to create a percussive and visually sonorous design element for the identity. Like musical notation, morse code functions on duration, time measurement and punctuation by silence and space, and is just graphically beautiful. So ‘deeees’ and ‘dats’ could snap and pop throughout the visual layout.

Also as 7Drum is a key card accessed members studio in a Victorian DC rowhouse, I wanted the feel of the identity to mimic the secret society, speakeasy, counter culture feeling of actually being in the physical space…the feeling of codes that can be decoded… IF you are in the know. This idea was also inspired by the exaggerated wood block wavy type of psychedelia rock posters in the 60s. If you couldn’t read them, you weren’t in the hip. A wonderful sub cultural idea in the history of type legibility vs readability debates when type functioned not as literal language but subcultural code in the fervent reaction to the oppressive mainstream of the 1950s. Language systems aren’t always designed for the masses, and in some cases intentionally used to communicate within isolated counter cultures.

I also explored using percussion musical notation as the feature element of the identity to emphasize the drum lessons aspect of the studio. The idea that you will get to read the language (drum notation) after being part of the studio. However, as 7Drum was trying to build more of a community of musicians, students, rental usage, jams and performances I wanted an identity that harnessed the culture of drumming which is less literal and more democratic. Most drummers don’t read sheet music and reading any one direct notational system which indicates xI = snaredrum. By playing with morse code as my aural linguistic systems, there is still the nod to a secret language, while having the visual fun of symbols that relate interpretatively to aural elements. Anyone could ‘play’ morse code by assigning arbitrary sounds to the system of dots and dashes, or short and long signals, which are also referred to as ‘dits’ and ‘dahs.’

Warmth, Counter Culture & Custom Analog Photography 
To extend the music culture feeling of the space, I shot a series of analog rolls across 35mm pentax color for the nostalgic warmth of 60s 70s music scene as well as  grittier, more abstract BW rolls on 3200 iso for underground dive club booze infused cool. For the teacher imagery, I went 120 Hasselblad for colour, pop and clarity as the people that make up the studio are the most important feature for students deciding on lessons through the site.



120 Color + BW 






BW1.Brick_Welcome BW2.BrickTeachersGroup_7 BW6_TeachersBrick_Ben BW5.BrickTeachersGroup_3 BW4.BrickTeachers_8 BW7.BrickTeachersGroup_5

35mm Pentax 400 iso

35mm_Color1 35mm_Color3 35mm_Color4 35mm_Color2 35mm_Color5 35mm_Color6 35mm_Color8 35mm_Color9Color7DL_1

35mm Pentax 3200iso

ps_BW_37 ps_BW_34 ps_BW_32ps_BW_29 ps_BW_24 ps_BW_20 ps_BW_18 ps_BW_13 ps_BW_8 ps_BW_7 35mm_BW1 35mm_BW2 35mm_BW3 35mm_BW4 35mm_BW5 35mm_BW9 35mm_BW10 35mm_BW12 35mm_BW13 35mm_BW14 35mm_BW15


Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 7.55.11 PM

Morse Code Love