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# 21st c. Design. Creative. Strategy
# Ui / Ux. Identity. Custom Type & Linguistics. Graphic. Editorial Illustration Image & Art Direction
# Insights Research. Design Ethnography. HCD. HCI. STS. Design Thinking. Data Visualization
# Social Innovation. Social Enterprise, Systems & Organizational Design
# Economic Anthropology. Hybrid Value Systems. Symbiotic Business Models. Sustainable & Equitable Growth Market Identification & Creation, Commodity Chain Research
# Visual / Material / Design Anthropology. History of  Art, Technology, Media, Type & Design

working on 

> “Broadcasting in Ui” ; internet muralism, code art and the future of the screen / interface
Nu Media content & journalism for 21st c. comms., revenue / production models, net neutrality
> Dismantled corporate power systems & unsustainable growth culture for reimagined economies
> Sensory ethnography as a way of thinking about designing human sensory experience
> Social systems design inspired by permaculture & symbiosis, instead of systems & actor networks
> An anthropology of design for the social sciences and the arts


[experimental journalism] nu media experiments, economics & past futurism19th 20th 21st 22nd c. 
[design thinking/methods]
palette expansion through sensory ethnographies of the designed world
[design history] radical social design and philosophy in the electric information age. Fiore. McLuhan
[design history] concerning the spiritual in art  design. utopian design, Bauhaus to drone warfare
[visual anthropology] culture as real, unreal, surreal. representational practice, theatrical documentary
[image making] art direction in photojournalism. image as design. dismembering mechanical objectivity


M.Sc. Master of Science, Visual Anthropology // University of Oxford, UK
B.A. Bachelor of Arts, Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Music + Ethnomusicology // Colorado College



@* Studio Creative Director Acid Pop
Miami, London 10.2016 – ongoing
Experimental research studio on the future of communications, journalism and content strategy. Haiku content, surreal shorts, code art, internet art, breaking reportage GIFs, experimental Ui / Ux, multi-channel projection & installation, 8mm 16mm, Snapchat & Instagram art direction. Research questions & insights:
  • When nobody pays for content (subscription, ticket, print, etc..), How do we ethically create new revenue models for high level creative production work and investigative journalism, especially as moving image, set design, and filmic production models are increasingly needed in Ui broadcasting.
  • Hyper Agility, Radical Relevancy, Post Medium Expertise, Accordion Budget/Production Models
  • Birth of the Device. Understanding how communications is fundamentally changing through the device and interface. text, icons, graphics, video, live feeds, living images, voice notes…temporary, saved, archived, disappearing…democratized production & distribution, surveillance, data, hacking, revenge porn, energy/server consumption… the brave new world of media, image & tech.
  • Research: Miami, LA, NY, DC, London, Berlin, Amsterdam
IP Innovation & Design Director  WWG LTD. UK
Oxford & London 1.2016 – ongoing
Intellectual Property strategy & positioning: IP for innovation, patent drafting, PCT claims, legal, market sizing and validation, social innovation forecasting & analysis, white papers and decks. Engineering & prototype development: product design, technical drawings, dev strategy, timelines, budgets.
  • Renewable energy, biogas, domestic anaerobic digestion, closed loop infrastructure, clean water and food systems, smart kitchen, home & city design.
  • Manufacturing efficiency for sustainability, mechanical advancements for durability, reduction of electronic waste and unnecessary consumer products.
  • The replacement of the industrialized food and utilities systems for localized and decentralized more resilient, regenerative infrastructure.
  • IP for scale, regional & cultural variability; IP for systems, not product.
Design Ethnography Guest Faculty Colorado College
CO. Springs & Baca Field Campus, Crestone CO 4.2016
AN326/RE200 Religion & Ritual Advanced Anthropology Seminar. Introduction to visual anthropology and design anthropology. Field work emphasis on experimental ethnography and working with students to use sensory ethnography to research design principles of religious / spiritual architecture, practices and socio-cultural ideologies from cosmology to capitalism. What makes the experience of a mosque, a stupa, a zen-do, an ashram feel different than normative design spaces and experiences? 
  • Methodology: Experimental & Collaborative Ethnography, Sensory Research, Phenomenology, Anthropology of Design, Anthropology of Liminality, Symbolic Anthropology, Community Based Learning vs. Service Based Learning.
  • Ethnographies: (Tashi Goman Stupa) Buddhist Stupa Design, (Crestone Mountain Zen Center & Lindisfarne Chapel) Zen Enactment Principles, (Yeshe Khorlo) Bhutanese Buddhist prayer wheels & color, (Haidakhandi Universal Ashram) Ashram Devotional practices.
Designing Restorative, Regenerative Economies Manitou Foundation, Shumei International, Crestone Baca Township
Crestone CO 3.2016 – 3.2017
Transitioning the isolated high desert / mountain town, above the second largest clean water aquifer in the country, into a living laboratory model for green economic development.
  • Sustainable economies and infrastructure for influxes of climate migrants & climate disaster.
  • Identifying core community needs for resiliency : renewable energy standards, local community food production, water rights, protection against oil/gas drilling, elderly care, municipality & community development corporation models.
  • Identifying potential industry developments in the relatively arid region with isolated infrastructure.
  • Spiritual Ecology initiatives for Crestone’s 20+ spiritual lineage centers.
  • Methodology: Economic Ethnography, Sensory Ethnography, Affirmative Inquiry, Design Thinking, Search Conference, Community Organizing.
Studio Strategy Director Silverback Creative Miami
Miami 2015

App and UI Wireframing, User Flow Charts, Video Storyboarding, Logo Iteration, Dev Management, Client Contracts, Proposals, Timelines, and Communications; Team Management, Instituting and managing internal meetings, more efficient working processes and organizational structure.

  • Re-focusing the Miami creative agency for controlled growth with more continuity between scoping,production and completion.
  • De-tangling project management systems and studio focus across mobile, app, digital, marketing, identity, business dev services.
Global Design Director Ashoka Global Communications
Washington DC 2014-12.2015
Adapted Design Ethnography, User Personas and Interviews, UX Strategy, Organizational Architecture and Site Architecture Mapping, Site Navigation and User Flow Diagrams, Website Content Strategy, Feature Specifications, Parameters for Visual Design, Design Insights / Framework for Global Brand Strategy.
Creating strategy to “integrate, yet decentralize” Ashoka’s 12+ teams, over 30+ country offices, with staff and Ashoka fellows in over 80+ countries.
Leading a brand overhaul to map how Ashoka’s new mission and strategy relates to existing team operations and external communications on Ashoka’s 40+ digital properties. Design research:
  • How can a global brand strategy be adoptable across thirty country offices with varying team capacity, programatic focus, and cultural/linguistic environments?
  • How media and communication can propel paradigm shifts in society which result in more participation in everyday change making?
  • What is the nature of inspiration & behavior shift? What moves us to do, change, act ?
  • How does media specifically contribute to the proliferation of change making?
Changemakers Design Director Ashoka Changemakers
Washington DC 2012-12.2014
Adapted Design Ethnography, UX Strategy, User Research, Personas, Contexts & Scenarios. Wireframing, UI Mock Ups, Site Brand Strategy.
Roadmap, sprint schedules and UX strategy to restructure the back end of (200,000 users, 1 million visits/year) to better facilitate online entry to Changemakers’ social innovation competitions. Design Research:
  • The role of online social networks, social media & funding in social entrepreneurs’ work.
  • Analysis of non-profit digital strategy within the field of social innovation.
  • Synthesis of the evolution of and it’s effects on the user journey and backend inefficiencies.
  • Product team sprint direction, Ux strategy and user insights to shift our approach to include the on & offline experience of clients and innovators rather than focusing solely on site based product piloting.
    *Basecamp, Salesforce, Teamwork PM, UXPin, InVision, Jira and Outlook365

Changemakers Branding & Organizational Design

  • Improving branding, organizational strategy, and the experience of our clients (Rockefeller foundation, Unilever, Mastercard Foundation, American Express, the Feedback Labs consortium & General Electric…).
  • 10,000 user uploaded image library creation from to replace the dependency on stock.
  • Decreased the budget and reliance on external consultants by transitioning templates from InDesign to Google PPT and Google Docs, improving team agility and time for translated content across global team members in Senegal, Brazil, Argentina & U.S.
  • Social innovation design program for students, focusing on Design Thinking, Graphic Design, and/or Ui / Ux Design.
  • Design thinking sessions for Ashoka’s DC headquartered teams.



Alternative Formats, or the Lack Thereof, in Academic Publishing: Prejudice Towards Text and Abstract Knowledge Systems in Academic Design American Ethnological Society & Society for Visual Anthropology Spring Conference: In/visibility: Projects, Media, Politics. Spring Meeting. April 10-12, 2014. Boston, MA.

Representing the Experience of Touristic Spaces: Engaging Phenomenological Theory Through Image & Sound Critical Information Conference, Session: “Still, Mediated and Moving — The Image Today and its Effects on Time and Space” School of Visual Arts. December 2, 2012. New York City, NY. 



Creative Direction, Identity Design, UiUx, Wireframes/User Journeys, HCD Research & User Scenarios, Type, Graphic Design, Editorial Illustration, Publication Design, GIFs, Image for Branding / Identity, Art Direction, 120

Creative Direction



.Liquid Light Projection Fossil Optical. 10.2015-present Tours, Guerrilla Jobs & Oxford Laboratory

    • Research : Visual sound instrument design, HCD & historical research. Large scale analog projection equipment, lumens and moving image technologies.
    • Carrying cables, climbing on towers, cleaning glass plates, and manipulating how oil and water interact in the mechanics and color theory of analog liquid light projection from the UK’s foremost analog lighting designers.

Printer & Type Case Management Crooked Crow Press. 2014 Washington DC 

    • Working with Chris Manson of Crooked Crow Press, through the Library of Congress Rare Books Division,  to further M.Sc. research on the relationship between printing technology & culture in forming contemporary design standards.
    • Type setting and type case organization. Preparing type collection for archiving. Ever wondered how to dust a type case ? It’s not fun.

Printer & Type Case Management Strawberry Press & Bodleian Bibliography Room. 2012 Oxford 

    • Ethnographic & Archival Research: MSc. ethnography into design conventions in printing and publishing. Technological determinism and the role of the machine in creating design convention.
    • Working with Paul Nash at the University of Oxford, Bodleian Library Bibliography printing presses and Strawberry Press, independent press, type case study.

Darkroom & Camera Technician Assistant to Michael Livera. Kiwi Camera. 2011 FL 

    • Research: Color models, film types, camera / imaging history/ technologies.The golden age of mechanics in light translation equipment: Zeiss, Hasselblad
    • Mostly watching, with jaw dropped, as Michael Livera hammered out Hasselblads, analog and digital, for clients from National Geographic to NASA.

Zen Grounds & Dry Rock Garden Design Kaigan-Ji Temple. Fall 2010  Nagano, Japan 

    • Research : Design + Aesthesis. How does the zen conception of non-dualism inform aesthetic principles ? Garden and landscape mimicry of cultural concepts of rationalism and nature. (ex. D.T. Suzuki, In Praise of Shadows)
    • Working with Bunke Shibata, principal monk at Kaigan-ji temple as resident responsible for monastic temple care, landscape rock garden design, grounds maintenance, shoji screen repair, etc.



Workshop Organizer Chalkin’: Neighborhood workshop & lecture series. 2015 Washington DC 

    • Sampling of topics: NPR radio journalist presents audio boards piece on the occult in pop culture, local musician teaches an alternative approach to guitar, grassroots organizers workshop strategies for community organizing in times of increasing conservative vigilantism.

Photography + Design Teacher  Oxbridge Academic Programs. 2013, 2012 Oxford, UK

    • Analog photography course on the image in society. Focus: contemporary photography, photojournalism, surrealims. Surveying: David LaChapelle, Erwin Wurm, Ai Wei Wei, Martin parr, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kreuger, Annie Leibowitz, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Rineke Dijkstra, David Burnett, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier Breson, Man Ray.

 Sound Tour Guide / Radio Host Touring the Soundscape. Oxide Radio. 2012 Oxford, UK

    • Interviewed musicologists to take listeners through different socio-historic soundscapes. Episodes travelled through: Lo-Fi music, Electronic Chip music subculture, 1950s-60s protest music, the feminine voice in Gustaf Mahler’s late symphonies, Dixie Jazz, Erik Satie & early 20th century Paris.

Rebellious Media Facilitator Rebellious Media Conference. 10.9.2011 London, UK 

    • Facilitated room discussions and presentations on media, activism and social change alongside Noam Chomsky’s keynote address and plenaries by Michael Albert and others.

Editor-In-Chief YomoYama Arts & Culture Magazine. 7.2009-10.2010 Nagano, Japan 長野県, 日本 

    • Created Nagano’s only open submission/open access English print media with a new name, slogan, media kit and advertisers for full color printing. In first issue as managing editor, diversified distribution & increased printing from 80 copies to 700.
    • Created YomoYama online with prefecture wide food & arts guides to help bridge foreign & local communities in Nagano. As journalist, feature articles covered:
      • “Subconscious Sustainability: Eco Manga’s Hold on Environmentalism”
      • “Globalizing Sushi By Turning It Inside Out”
      • “Substance Use in Japan: Historical, Contemporary Perspectives



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