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I once asked Elizabeth Edwards (best known for her 1992 Photography & Anthropology) why there was such a seeming dearth of visual anthropology focused on design decisions in the presentation of knowledge…in other words.. not just the image, but how the image is placed, accompanied by what text in what type, treatment of graphics, tables etc.. the complete experience of all the cultural decisions that go into the details of knowledge creation and representational practice.

She commiserated and referred me to her bibliography from her “2007 Gardens of war: Materiality & the photographic narrative” for some bibliography mining. To pass on the practice and hopefully save someone some time, I have compiled a starer kit bibliography from my own research and some of the basics in sensory and visual anthropology, design ethnography, writings on typography & graphic design..etc.. so we can get to the nuances of the field instead of wasting time digging up what has been.


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