Institute for Social & Cultural Anthropology
Archival Research: Bodleian & Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford
Conducted in conjunction with MSc. dissertation research

Researching the relationship between design (image selection, placement, graphical features, charts, tables, type, margins, foils etc) and anthropological representational practice, publishing. This includes early texts within the development that were more loosely missionary, colonial or touristic. A brief selection based on archival research primarily at the Pitt Rivers Museum to understand how all elements of image and representational decisions construct ideas about culture, often in highly political and problematic ways.

Historical Warning Early texts on the construction of race and biology are disgusting exemplars of the promulgation of colonialism and the use of image / text as evidence in the legitimization of eugenics and cultural hierarchy.


Oxford Pitt Rivers Library & Colleges. Hasselblad 503 cx 120

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