Studio / Laboratory Identity Design UiUx, Deck 
Fossil Optical. Analog Lighting Laboratory UK


Identity as Installation
Because the majority of Fossil Optical’s lighting work and lighting instrument design comes via collaborations and word of mouth, the site could be liberated from carrying the burden of user transaction. Instead, the UiUx could aspire to be more here…do this… the user doesn’t need to be prompted towards anything but enjoyment…radical,…as a step towards building more diversified ui/ux architectural principles in the internet landscape we increasingly spend our time in.

Internet Muralism 
Futurism in UiUx design is not only about monetizing user traffic, data and transactions. The future of the internet is just as much about experiences of delight, art and non-capitalist geared experience design. When we navigate our cities, we sometimes happen upon experiences of colour and shape and form, often 2D, on walls of buildings and structures, that aren’t selling us anything and haven’t been vetted by museums or galleries. They are surprises.  Street art and muralism is a powerful tradition in making cities feel human and a powerful medium for political voice. They can be magical, nonsensical, funny, political, ugly, temporary…everything…human expression as expression.

While doing research on the street art of Miami and the role of muralism in Diego Rivera and early 20th century muralists work, came the idea of ”internet muralism.” How can we mimic these ideas in UiUx design so that users happen upon experiences of wonder, humor, social commentary and art without being asked to do anything, know anything, learn anything. Using the principles of the internet as a changing medium, this opens up an entirely new canvas for code art, image, video, GIFs and UiUx that delights and surprises as it’s main design ambition.

UiUx as Fossil Optical Projection Experience My main design question for Fossil :: How can we translate the experience of being at a Fossil Optical Lighting show, or in the Fossil Optical warehouse laboratory, to the fossil optical site Ux? Translation challenges: Considering the positionality of users holding a tablet or viewing a screen in relation to the positionality of an audience member surrounded by light and sound in a venue. To think of projection surfaces simply as directional canvases is not quite right as light is often ambient and multidimensional. For the user experience, I decided the most interesting use of the medium would be not to replicate the projection experience, which would be impossible, but rather to adapt the core materials for screens/tablets. Instead of projected light and oil, I wanted to liquify the screens themselves and give them the appearance of volume, bubbles, cracks. All of the videos of the effects were shot to be flat so that when experienced on the Ui, they wave and ooze as if the surface of the screen is bubbling,. floating, tilting. So there is not a direct translation but an adaptation to how these different effects can transform screens into 3D tubs of light and oil.

#Internet Art, Internet Muralism #Internet Urban Planning #FuckModernCapitalism  #UsersArePeople 


Tipper from Whitney Conti on Vimeo.

Beat Ossilator View Experience from Whitney Conti on Vimeo.

Fossil Optical Deck 

Design Theme: Chiaroscuro. There is no light without dark. For the deck, we needed to communicate the work, the tech, the engineering. To bust Fossil out of the association with nostalgia and psychadelia, I went sharp contrasts and HD vibrant colours. Fossil is the guardian of the world’s largest collection of large format / large scale anolog lighting projectors and one of the 20th century lighting engineer greats. Colour, sharpness, clarity, power, scale and optics.

FossilOptical1_NegativeSpace Fossil1


Process Research Swatches. Turning Fossil’s Lighting/Visuals into Gifs as Design Reference Swatches