Layout, Editorial Graphic Design 
Isis Magazine, University of Oxford
Issue: Michaelmas 2013 | Editor: Jane Saldanha |
Creative Director: Leo Simonsmith | Creative: Whitney Conti


Article: “Feminism Laid Bare: Eastern Europe’s Most Notorious Strip Off to Fight Corruption, Prostitution and Sex Tourism” pp. 14-17 | Author: Joanna Kozlowka | Layout: Whitney Conti


Article: “In 2009, The World Watched An Innocent Woman Shot Dead in Iran. Arash Hejazi Is The Man Who Tried To Save Her.” pp. 40-42. | Author: Joseph D’Urso | Layout: Whitney Conti


Isis Magazine, University of Oxford | Issue: Trinity 2013


Isis Magazine, University of Oxford | Issue: Hillary 2013
Editor: Alex Hacillo / Creative Director: Inez Januszczak / Deputy Creative Director: Whitney Conti

Isis Magazine Hillary Term IssueArticle: “The Weaver of People” pp. 28-30. | Author: Ellen Jones | Layout: Whitney Conti

1.WeaverofPeople2.WeaverofPeopleArticle: “A Rose By Any Other Name: The Continuing Plight of Children in UK. Border Agency Detention Centres” pp. 34-36 | Author: Bethan McKernan | Layout: Whitney Conti




Article: “AK-47: How A Lethal Weapon Became a Cultural Icon” | Author: John Warriner Layout: Whitney Conti | Back Inside Cover: “From the Archives” pp. 54-57 | Layout & Graphics: Whitney Conti