Design, Type, GIFs
Lamont St. Collective, Washington DC, Leverage Models & DJ Ayescold


New Wave Music/ New Wave Typography

Reminiscent of 80s new wave meets drum and bass, the Leverage Models create synthesizer rich, ambient, intergalactic, dark, heavy, explosive sound landscapes. Similar to musical elements of Vangelli’s score for the 1982 Blade Runner, Leverage Model’s sound is futuristic, technological and spatial. They use modular synthesizers, 8bit drum machines, dissected chords, gradations, hypnotic layering and arpeggiators. To visually create this space-pop sound landscape, I layered a series of black and white gradient square panels in a similar ‘arpeggiated’ robotic precision with plays on infinity and space. Squares on squares on squares paired with the NASA model lunar landscape, rich blacks and gradient whites.

Inspired by new wave typography and Wolfgang Weingart’s bent toward modification and experimentation, I built the display type entirely out of rotating Helvetica Ls. Playing with the L’s, as the headlining band, Leverage Models, do with sound, the singular L is rotated, layered, and repeated in clockwise motions along 90 degree turns.


About the Lamont Street Collective, Washington DC’s historic home to socialists & activists 

The Lamont Street Collective (LSC) is one of DC’s oldest intentional communities, founded in 1974 by John Acher (1946-2004), one of DC’s most well known socialists. Since 1974, the LSC has provided affordable housing to artists and activists focusing on social justice work. However, for the past ten years they have been in a legal battle to win ownership rights to the house to keep the rent affordable. After a legal success, the LSC kicked off a fundraising campaign with a house show by NY based Leverage Models.

One Giant Step for the LSC

For the event social and poster, I used imagery from the 1963 modeling of the U.S. Apollo Lunar Excursion to emphasize the importance of the legal step and visualize the space-pop sound of the headliner. The visual theme and tagline: ‘one small step for the LSC, one giant leap for collective housing in Washington D.C.” Additionally, to use a NASA image of the moon mission, publicly available on Wikipedia Commons, while Wikipedia’s founder, Julian Assange, was still under refuge in Ecuador, for a Washington D.C. collective fighting against eviction was also a fun localized nod to our government’s priorities.



Banners for Social Facebook 851×315 / Homestage DC. 900×337 / Twitter 506×284

Washington D.C. has a buzzing house music scene which thrives almost exclusively on social, with some physical posters spread throughout the city. For the LSC event, the base visual identity was built to be flexible for the poster base, but more importantly for Facebook cover photos, twitter thumbnails and DC’s own Homestage event listing.