Creative Direction & Design UiUx, Type, Conference Materials
Making Sound Objects: Cultures of Hearing, Recording, Creating + Circulation;
British Forum for Ethnomusicology Conference, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford


The Human Experience of Sound +&vs. Recorded Archived Sound Objects

What does it mean to make sound an object? How does objectified sound differ from the human experience of sound? What is the act of boxing, recording, archiving, measuring sound as object…?

I played with this relationship between the ‘organic’ wild, infinite nature of messy sound against the recordable, vectorized mapping of sound by using the design elements typically found in the graphical interfaces of audio software.

The protruding 3D blocks are inspired by the 3D histograms on equalizers, which are the pixel by pixel representation of sound waves through the measurable peaks and valleys of frequency and hertz…The 2D sound wave of oscilloscope histograms made erratic and messy.

The 3D Type. Vectorizing Sound as Language. Alphabet as Object

The 3D type for the ‘CONFERENCE’ text on the poster also refers to this process of the vectorization of sound, or in this case language and typography. The strokes of the individual triangles, which make up the type, are highlighted in white to reveal the scaffolding of the type itself. Type, or written language, a sound object in itself…aural language made recordable, trackable, archiveable…sound turned alphabet. “conference” turned C.O.N.F.E.R.E.N.C.E..turned C   O   N   F   E   R   E   N   C   E  turned blocks.. [ [] ……….turned objects.




lookfeel-making-sound-objects CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT 

[A.Concept] sound-pic5

[A.Concept] scan0004



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