Critical Information Conference
“Still, Mediated & Moving Panel” from MFA Art Crit on Vimeo.
School of Visual Arts, NYC 12.2012

Paper Title: Representing the Experience of Touristic Spaces: Engaging Phenomenological Theory Through Image & Sound


How can photography evoke the experience of place, without relying on the representation of physical forms in space?

This is the fundamental question of a recent experiment in the sensory ethnography of touristic spaces. From Pompeii to Oxford, and Rome to Paris, the project questions the potential of sound recordings and layered exposures for evoking what place feels and sounds like, instead of solely looks like.

Phenomenological emphasis on embodiment and experience has faced accusations of neglected relevance beyond the individual. However, this paper and project suggests how sensory ethnography can enable shared experience and understandings in different cultural spaces.

The project is poised in relation to debates in visual anthropology over the potentials and challenges of incorporating phenomenological theory into ethnographic representation.

Keywords: Sensory Ethnography, Representational Practice, Visual Anthropology, Phenomenology, Nineteenth Century Stereoscopic Imaging, Sound Recording, Multiple Exposure Photography


How does one notate cell phone rings, staircase echoes, dog barks? See above:
“Transcription of Tourrealism Strasbourg” By John Zirkle, Warren Miller Performing Arts Center Artistic Director.


St. Peters College Graduate Lecture Series (May 2012)
Tourrealism: A Sound & Image Discussion and Installation from the Spaces of Oxford to Pompei.
Taking Phenomenology Seriously in Representational Practice




Methods: Nausea and the disappointment of 3D

The Camera: TDC StereoVivid 35mm


Methods: The Realism of Double Exposure

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