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Imaging The Future Conference, Washington DC


Putting the Human & Imaginative into Aesthetics of the ‘Future’

To research for the TedX Rosslyn “Imagining the Future” conference, I began by tracing the conceptions of ‘The Future” from early 19th century writings around photography and 3D to the early 20th century Italian Futurists, 1950s SciFi phenomena and 21st century buzz for AI, Google Glass and drone technology. I found that one of the most interesting motifs throughout 20th & 21st century representations of the future was not the reoccurrence of virtual imaging or human bio-technical extensions, but the absence of the earth, the organic, the human.

In a world of overpopulation and resource wars, it seems that the strength of a TedX conference around ‘Imaging the Future’ would not be to propel a simplified technological trajectory for our human potential, but to focus instead on the need for more imagination.

Design Element : The Hexagon

As design thinking is becoming increasingly popular to envision how systems, such as hospitals, education, housing or food can work, I chose the hexagon, an organic symbol found in nature to represent efficiency and collaboration (e.g. the beehive), as our core design element for the conference collateral.

As TedX conferences are made to be the local version of Ted conferences, I also used the hexagon as a localizing element, because it is the flooring pattern used in the Rosslyn metro, which the most common point of entry to the conference facilities.

Attendees as Architects of the Future 

To encourage attendees to think of their agency and imaginative potential I used first person perspective imagery on the website, to play with the viewer’s position to these concepts. Agency and imagination continued into the program design by using a silhouetted figure seemingly drawing on top of the Washington D.C. vista, for the background of the notes section. The image was taken at Top of The Town, the TedX Rosslyn event location, to encourage attendees to consider their positionality as architects of the future.

On imagination & getting out of the box.

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